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Ultra-ade is scientifically formulated to optimize absorption and supply your hydration needs without having to worry about hyponatremia.  This is a sweet tasting beverage that supplies enough carbohydrates and sodium to keep you running for hours on end.
  • By using the latest research on carbohydrate absorption this product absorbs faster, meaning you will have fewer upset stomachs, nausea and cramping.
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • No salt pills required:  This product is designed to maintain your levels of sodium without the need for counting salt pills out every hour.
  • Caffeine:  Every liter of Ultra-ade contains 100 mg of caffeine to improve alertness and increase your brain's ability to maintain a constant pace.
  • Mixes easily with alcohol:  Lets face it, after running a 100 miles, nothing feels better than kicking off your shoes and sitting down with a hard drink.  When you're done with the race, just add a shot to enjoy either a refreshing margarita or some delicious rum punch.